Background Stories

Channel 27 Special Report

A man appears on a TV screen looking tired and worn, his suit wrinkled, and his salt and pepper hair looks uncombed, very much unlike his normally well tailored appearance. He sits at the table with his hands shaking, looking as if he has been shedding tears. The man looks at the camera and takes a deep breath before starting to talk.

“To recap the events of the day, this 11th day of September, 2001, there were 5 planes used today in attacks on our great nation, two Boeing 767’s and three Boeing 757’s. The first, American Airlines Flight 11 was flown into the north side of the North Tower of the World Trade Center. This was followed by United Airlines Flight 175, which crashed in the South Tower. Not done yet, American Airlines Flight 77, just thirty-five minutes later, rammed the Pentagon. United Airlines Flight 93 fell into a field in southwest Pennsylvania, taken down by its passengers. And finally, just another thirty minutes after that crash was the last faithful explosion. American Flight 1227 smashed into the White House taking out most of the historic building. Luckily, after the first strike the President climbed aboard Air Force One and made his escape, along with his family and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. No crucial members of the government were harmed.

This is Scott Taylor signing off from a day that will go down in infamy.”


Sunday, October 7, 2001 Channel 15 News

The Camera looks over a city on fire slowly panning to the right as a woman’s voice tones in.

“I am standing about Ten miles outside of Kabul the capital city of Afghanistan which you can see is on fire. American and British planes have been flying over all day dropping bombs here.”

As if on cue, there is a rather large explosion in the background as the camera man locks on to the blond haired woman with the British accent that is talking.

“It is believed that the bombing will go on for at least three days before ground units will begin moving in to take out any resistance given by the Taliban.” the lady says.

Suddenly a hand comes into view from behind the camera pointing towards the city. There in the background many men carrying AK-47 machine guns are running towards the camera crew and reporter.

“We need to go Sara!! Now!!” a mans voice exclaims.

You see the woman turn and look before the camera bounces around and goes out and the channel goes back to the station.

“That was Sara Peterson with that report. As soon as we have any information on what was happening we will let you know.” Says the normal reporter at the desk.


Thursday, March 20, 2003

A slightly over weight man walks into what appears to be a living room and flops down into a leather recliner. The man reaches over and picks up the remote control for the TV.

“Honey, the news is on.” He yells out as he clicks the television on.

The screen lights up with a 03 in the upper right hand corner. The number fades away as a pretty fresh, faced twenty-five year old lady appears on the screen with a backdrop of a city that is obviously in the middle east. The lady is obviously shocked and nervous as she keeps looking over her shoulder. Her hair is in disarray and her clothing looks almost as if they have been slept in or thrown on quickly.

“There are explosions all over Baghdad as we record this.” As if on queue you see a flash behind the woman. The camera shakes violently. “It is apparent that the U.S. has attacked Iraq.” She says in a British accent.

Suddenly a man appears around a corner dressed in traditional Iraqi garb. His shora flaps in the wind, showing off the thick beard, as he runs towards the camera. He spreads his arms spread out as if to herd the reporter and her cameraman. “You need to get out of here now folks before you are hurt.” He tells them in his Mid-western accent and the screen changes to the local news that was Marge Bath our British correspondent reporting from Baghdad.


September 3, 2005

A young couple sits on what is obviously a hotel bed while two children that look a lot like them play on the floor at the foot of the bed. The adults are watching the small television set on the overused dresser. The couple looks tired, which is even more pronounced as they each get a sad, depressed look on their face with the changing of scenes on the T.V.

A Vietnamese lady appears on the screen wearing jeans and a t-shirt looking disheveled and tired. The caption on the bottom of the T.V. screen says she is a WWS channel 2 correspondent with the name of Ann Trahn. The reporter stands on a street in knee deep water in front of an old store that has the front fencing busted open. People are moving in and out of the store carrying different kinds of goods, everything from food to alcohol, as well as anything else they can get their hands on. The police that are standing just inside the doors barely in frame can be scene handing out the supplies to people.

“This is the scene in New Orleans just days after the worst storm to hit this area. You can see behind me the people coming for supplies to survive after being, what some say, is forgotten by the federal and state governments,” says Trahn.

There is the sound of a vehicle coming down the streets as the lady speaks and a shadow appears on the ground over her. It looks like a shadow of a jeep with strange looking pointed headed men in it. Without warning there is the crack of what is surely a gun, and a small round hole appears on the reporter’s forehead and a splatter of run spray from the back of her head appears. People start running everywhere as more go down including the police, falling and not moving.

The camera seems to fall and lands at a strange angle. You can see what appears to be some white cloth inside of the jeep right before the screen goes black and then back to the news room.

The couple in the room looks over at each other in shock and disbelief.


October 10, 2006 CNN News

Due to a supposed weapons test by the North Korean government the United States has called for sanctions to be imposed on the by all of its allies. Britain has agreed to this action but the United Nations has said that it does not support the sanctions at this time with no proof of the test even though South Korea has reported multi missile launches.


November 5, 2008

In a Surprise turn of events, Darrel Cox has won the Presidential Election! This despite being behind in the polls for months. The mud slinging regarding Cox’s sexual orientation was apparently not as big of a factor as his opponent had hoped for. Receiving 380 electoral votes, and overcoming prejudices, President Elect Darrel Cox has mad an unbelievable landslide victory that will go down in history!

When asked if he was surprised by this turn of events Cox replied, “Not at all. My campaign team worked hard and long to strategize this victory. We knew we come out from behind.”


June 15, 2010 Channel 15 KKR in El Segundo California

The camera shows a crowd of people waiting excitedly for the doors to open on a military plane in the background. A cheer goes up as the doors open and uniformed men and women start to file out of the plane. More men and women wait in the crowd, some hold children, others are alone or with parents, on pins and needles. Many of them break free as they see their loved ones coming down the steps, running to greet them. A lady in her mid-twenties steps into frame. Her smile is infectious as she lifts a microphone to her mouth.

“This is the scene at Los Angeles Air Force Base here in El Segundo California, where the first of our troops returning home have just been let off the plane. As you can see it is a happy tear filled reunion for these loving families. Several more units are flying in to the base later today. There’s no denying it now, the war in the Middle East is finally over. Back to you Dan.”


Background Stories

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